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Self Portraits In and Out of Isolation

Words and images by Keira Hudson

By August 13, 2021The Collective

How to stay sane:

Sew a hospital gown out of old calico.

Draw a face on the wall using whatever paint I can find at home.

Make clouds from toy stuffing, thread, and tape.

Wear my friend’s wax face cast on my face.

Celebrate a 30th birthday in lockdown, then celebrate another one a few months later.

Knit every day, then wrap my face in wool.

Find a free fishtank on the side of the road during a one hour walk, and drag it home.

Cut out paper people and admission tickets.

Cocoon myself in bandages, vine, fishnets, hair, pearls, and tape measures.

Tape my grandfather’s shutter release to my chest, and feel it rise and fall with each breath.

And wait.

This is a selection of photos I have captured during 2020 – 2021. In Melbourne, we have been in and out of lockdowns since the pandemic started. To keep busy, I photographed myself in and around my home with my 8×10 camera using the wet plate process.

Keira Hudson

Keira Hudson is a Melbourne-based artist who specialises in alternative photographic processes.

She creates artworks with tones of mystery, sexuality, romanticism, and melancholy. Hudson explores the material possibilities of working in photography, using wet plate, film, polaroids, and non-photographic materials to create new combinations.

Keira studied printmaking and photography at RMIT University and has been exhibiting for over 10 years.

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