Australian Photography Awards 2022
Opening August


Image © Natalya Stone / Wildlife Winner, APA 2020

Now in its seventh edition, APA is the most progressive and inclusive award for photographers, image-makers and enthusiasts in Australia. In 2022 we have a unique and exciting program headed with a major exhibition and awards night. We will also be delivering talks, workshops and industry events designed to bring people together through photography.

Since launching in 2016, APA has become a celebration of the changing ways Australian photographers explore big ideas. Each year, we call for original and thought-provoking photography. Photographs can be made anywhere in the world, so long as the photographer resides within Australia or is an Australian citizen living overseas.

As an organisation which seeks meaning and hopes to promote understanding through photography, we endeavour to view imagery beyond its surface value, searching for layers and intent. We welcome experimental, new and artful approaches to photography alongside traditional forms of image-making.

Entries are open from August to October, 2022 with no extended deadlines. Discount packages are available along with student and junior concessions.

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APA Event

Join us for a unique and exciting celebration of Australian photography at the 2022 APA Exhibition and Awards Night. Along with a vibrant program comprising a major immersive exhibition printed on Canson Infinity papers, the weekend event will include an opening celebration with winners announcements, artist talks, live music, workshops, demonstrations with our industry partners and photobooks displays.

Bodriggy Brewpub, 245 Johnston Street, Abbotsford, Victoria
Friday 18th November – Sunday 20th November

APA Annual Publication

Cover images by Chris Round and Claudia Messenger, APA 2021 & 2020 Finalists.

The APA Annual is a publication highlighting the best from Australian photographers around the world.

Featured in each Annual is the top 20 winning and finalist imagery from that year’s Australian Photography Awards. Categories of photography including Landscape, Portrait, Documentary, Travel/Street, Wildlife/Animal, Open/Illustrative, Student and Junior cover a diverse range of perspectives and photographic practices to form a complete image of contemporary Australian photography. The APA Annual is as much a celebration of photography as it is a documentation of the year that was.

The publication contains 72 pages of beautiful, striking imagery. The APA Annual is created in collaboration with Momento Pro.

Submission Info


Do I retain copyright?
We understand the importance of image copyright. As such, the copyright of photographs always and unconditionally remains the property of the photographer. APA and our sponsors may use imagery to advertise APA, showcase finalists and feature photography through our website and social media channels. A credit will always be front and centre wherever an image is used. If an entrant is not wanting us to use their imagery in this way we will happily comply.

When does the competition close?
Entries close in October, 2022 with a final date TBC

Are there time restrictions on photographs?
We have no time restrictions on when an image was taken, we just can’t have seen it before in APA.

What if my images have been submitted into other competitions?
We accept imagery that has been submitted into other competitions or published through other channels, however we do not accept entries that have been submitted into APA in the past. Imagery which has been entered in Stories is also eligible to be entered into APA.

Does the content of the imagery need to be Australian?
No. Photos can be taken anywhere in the world, just as long as the photographs are made by a person residing within Australia or any person living outside of Australia with Australian citizenship.

How do I supply my files?
Images should be uploaded to Picter via the Australian Photography Awards submission page as a high resolution JPEG.

How do I name my files?
We don’t require your files to be named a certain way. When you submit an entry, our system generates an associated file name. Photographer information, category and descriptive text can all be added along with the image in the entry process.

Can I get feedback on my entries?
In 2022 we have two methods to receive feedback about your entries:
The APA Community Feedback Session will be a video webinar hosted by select members of the APA administration once the winners have been announced. This session will provide overall feedback for all 2022 entrants, discussing observed trends and providing our community with an opportunity to learn and grow. The session will conclude with a Q&A from our community, where entrants will have the opportunity to pick the brains of committee members and gain deeper insight into their process.
Entrants who submit eight or more entries will be entitled to a Personalised Feedback Session. In these sessions, a member of the APA committee will provide personal feedback in a one-on-one online setting.

Your Rights

As always our main priority is to support photographers. Photographers will retain all and unconditional copyright to their imagery. We will only use the photographer’s imagery to promote Australian Photography Awards, Stories, Australian Photobook Awards or Photo Collective and to celebrate and feature the photographer’s work. Imagery is always credited and for features we will work with the photographers for selection. If a photographer doesn’t want us to use imagery we will happily comply.

Judging Process

Initial Judging

Once entries close, Photo Collective administration will consider all submissions through a scoring system. During scoring the panel is free to discuss anything that may aid in judging. For example this may include explaining an uncommon technique used or identifying subject matter. The highest scoring 50 submissions across each category will then be shortlisted for the next round of judging. In the event of multiple submissions being tied, the panel may re-score the submissions in the tie, and discuss the merits of each image to come to a final decision. Once they have selected the top 50 submissions across each category, they will manually review all entries to ensure nothing was overlooked. If they feel there are more than 50 submissions in any category which are serious contenders they will bring them in for the next round. All shortlisted entrants will then be contacted by email and a public announcement will be made via email, social channels and through our website.

Final Judging

Following initial judging, the external APA committee members will discuss and review each of the shortlisted submissions. The committee will have the opportunity to preview all submissions before judging commences. Each entry is then scored and deliberated over to determine the final outcome. In the event of multiple entries being tied, the judging committee will discuss the merits of each of the entries to come to a final decision.

Winners Announcements

The winning entry from each category will be announced at the APA Event and through our social media platforms, email database and website. The top 20 submissions from each category will also be published in the 2022 APA Annual.

Other judging considerations

Administrators and employees of Photo Collective are not allowed to enter Australian Photography Awards. Neither is the judging committee for Australian Photography Awards allowed to enter. We are committed to ensuring that all entrants are treated equally regardless of their background or notoriety. We ensure our committee is held to the highest standard of ethics and every submission is treated with the same amount of time and respect. When discussing the shortlist, if committee members know the image or creator, they will acknowledge this briefly before presenting their ideas and thoughts so that this can be taken into consideration.

2022 Categories

Image by Grace Costa


Image by Chris Round


Wildlife & Animal
Image by Hannah Le Leu

Image by Phil Bayly

Open & Illustrative
Image by Lisa Murray

Image by Dora Wu

Image by Madeline Simmons

People’s Choice
Image by Mridula Amin

Example Submissions