“We feel we can do the best and most meaningful work through collaboration. Photo Collective represents the diverse and ever changing face of Australian photography.”

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Since 2014, we have been immersed in the discovery of original, thought-provoking and diverse imagery. Photo collective represents photographers, advocates, educators and curators working towards the collective goal of celebrating and contributing to the changing landscape of Australian photography. We achieve this through award recognition, publications, exhibitions, community engagement initiatives and educational programs.

Through our existing initiatives Fox Darkroom & Gallery, Australian Photography Awards and Stories we have composed a diverse network of collaborators ranging from Australia’s most established visual artists to the emerging voices of the next generation. Each year we are proud to expand this network with the aim of ensuring all Australian’s feel represented within this space.

“We feel our new name truly represents the collaborative work we are doing within our community.”

In 2021 we merged our initiatives to form Photo Collective, a new organisation reflecting our values and future direction.

Photo Collective is a centre for resources, opportunities and educational programs and a source for discovery, development and inspiration. We are dedicated to finding meaning and sharing knowledge through photography.

Who we are

Our in-house team is made up of Harriet Tarbuck & Tom Goldner (Creative Directors), Stephen Ryan (Web and Design) and Angus Scott (Content Editor). It is the power of a large community revolving around a small core team which enables us to consistently progress our initiatives each year.

You can read more about our collaborators and contributors here.

Creative Directors Tom Goldner & Harriet Tarbuck

The APA 2019 Exhibition


Photo Collective grew out of the Fox Darkroom & Gallery which operated as an exhibition and educational space between 2014 – 2020, in the and became an important outpost for the public to engage with photographic work. 

As an organisation we have a rich history of making photography accessible to the public. Our team has curated and facilitated exhibitions, book launches, artist talks, award nights and specialty workshops with highly regarded Australian and international photographic artists.


We believe in helping artists find meaning through their practice. 

As photography continues to develop and change, we draw not only on history but also look towards contemporary and evolving modes of storytelling.

As educators and practicing artists, we work alongside photographers to develop projects and conceptualise ideas. This encompasses conception to output. We also support emerging artists to find direction and build strategies to realise future goals.

Photo Collective can assist with exhibitions, book design, development and print, portfolios, websites, technical skills, industry advice and conceptualisation.

We continue to advocate for the important role that photography plays in our understanding of society, culture and environmental spaces and look forward to launching our new educational program shortly.


We love seeing photographs in print. Each year, Photo Collective works with Momento Pro to release multiple publications celebrating Australian photography. Maintaining a focus on beautiful design and meaningful content, our publications have become a record of our current times representing the diverse voices of Australian visual artists both emerging and established.