Sydney Lives – 190 Years of Sydney Morning Herald

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December 13, 2021Photobook

113 years of photography. More than 10 million negatives. Another five million in digital archives. How do you capture all that in a 160-page book?

“In this, the 190th year of The Sydney Morning Herald, we decided to take on that challenge – not only to celebrate the keen observations and artistic eye of generations of The Sydney Morning Herald photographers but to tip our collective hats to the enduring spirit of the Harbour City.

Those photographers have captured this city’s heritage, its beauty, its diversity. As well: its hard edges, its humour – and its heart.” – Mags King, Editor

Sydney Morning Herald’s new photobook titled Sydney Lives – 190 Years of Sydney Morning Herald is available for purchase now. Edited by Mags King, the 160 page book collates nearly two centuries of photography by Sydney Morning Herald staff to compose an extensive portrait of Sydney’s evolving social and physical landscape.

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