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Slow Resonances

Words and images by John Feely

By December 29, 2023The Collective

Slow Resonances uses the enforced living restrictions of 2021 and 2022 to observe the effect of slowing down on the relationship between ourselves and nature. Made on the streets of Sydney and Brisbane (Australia), the work explores  the everyday at an unfamiliar pace. Through its absence, the hold that economic and technological power have on the pace of life is emphasised, revealing how it sparks and authorises environmental decline.

In contrast these photographs document a cooperation and growth that re-personalises nature in daily life, exploring an existence where humans and nature are good for each other. Using mostly paired images, the work explores the small resonances between people and our surroundings that slowing down reveals.

Photo Collective

Photo collective represents photographers, advocates, educators and curators working towards the collective goal of celebrating and contributing to the changing ecology of Australian photography. We achieve this through award recognition, publications, exhibitions, community engagement initiatives and educational programs.

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