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March – September, 2022

February 16, 2022Opportunities
Image by Harriet Tarbuck

Contact Sheet have announced a new six month program in collaboration with Photo Collective and Momento Pro. Delivered by Paul McDonald, Stephanie Rose Wood, Harriet Tarbuck and Tom Goldner.

In this intensive program, your tutors will guide you on how to thoroughly research a subject, ensuring a strong foundation for your story. You will develop and produce an expanded photo essay which aims to open a dialogue around a particular social, personal or environmental issue which will allow for a deeper understanding and encourage change.

You will work on a project of your choosing throughout the duration of this program. This will be developed through a series of assignments, presentations and reviews. The program will be a place to connect with your peers through group discussions and feedback sessions.

An important (some would say the most important) element of producing documentary work is the discussion around the ethics of representation. This conversation will be held throughout the program, ensuring that the work is made with a respectful and considered approach.

Guest speakers and reviewers Harriet Tarbuck and Tom Goldner (Creative Directors, Photo Collective) will present their practice, insights, and discuss how your project can translate into a photobook, through consideration of design, layout, typography, cover-art, editing and sequencing.

In conclusion of the program, students will have completed a photo essay for presentation and feedback. Students are encouraged to work towards a digital layout or draft version of a photo book which can be produced after the program with Momento Pro. Contact Sheet students will receive 30% off their first order.

Please note students will be part of a private slack group throughout the program. This allows students to share ideas, research and images with each other outside of the scheduled class times.

Read more about this program and secure your spot here

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