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APA 2023 Finalist Announcement

Image by Kate Molenkamp / APA 2023 Finalist

October 6, 2023October 19th, 2023News
Banner image by Kate Molenkamp, APA 2023 Finalist

We are thrilled to announce the following finalists who will have their images shown in print on the walls of Bodriggy Brewpub during the APA Exhibition, taking place between October 21 – 22, 2023. Our deepest congratulations to:

Adam Sinclair

Aletheia Casey

Alex Kydd

Alexander Forrest

Amelia Phelan

Amy Woodward

Amy Piddington

Anabel Litchfield

Ben McFadyen

Benjamin Wiesner

Bradley Van Luxemborg

Callum Jack

Carly Burns

Carole Mills Noronha

Carrie Jones

Chris Round

Christian Spencer

Claire Letitia Reynolds

Clementine McNabb

Cody Wood

Darrian Traynor

Dick Sweeney

EJ Hassan

Emilie Ledwidge

Eryca Green

Essi Murray-Johnston

Evan Fowler

Gemma Raso

Harry Beattie

Hilary Wardhaugh

Ilsa Wynne-Hoelscher Kidd 

Jaiden Miller

James Bugg

Janis House

Jill Ashby

Jo Watson

John Laurie

John Inns

Jules Casey

Julie Sundberg

Kate Dunlop

Kate Molenkamp

Katelyn Slyer

Kathy Wallace

Keith Horton

Leith Alexander

Lewis Burnett

Lisa Murray

Louise Agnew

Matthew O’Donnell

Matthew Newton

Melissa Drummond

Natasha Curato

Nicholas Garcia

Noa Fletcher

Persia Kirk

Rasiker Towell

River Nixon

Rohan Rogers

Ryley Clarke

Sarah Black

Su Cassiano

Summer Trepess

Theresa Lee

Thomas McLennan

Tristan Still

Xander Linger

In addition to the finalist images being showcased in print, the exhibition will also feature the shortlisted photographs via digital display. We are so excited to come together for a weekend of celebration and sharing of our love for Australian photography. We hope to see you there!

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