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Blue Days and Childhood Sun

Words and images by Gloria Salgado Gispert

“Estos días azules y este sol de infancia”

We are back in the Mediterranean, the place that saw me grow up and where now I struggle to see beauty. The truth is that I don’t see it anymore. With this series I want to go back to my childhood years, when I was in love with everything about it.

I simply need to grow old with this place fondly in my heart; it’s not easy after growing up hearing endless complaints about its changes. However, these later years of my life I have finally had the chance to experience this place for myself.
As I sit by the shore I reflect back on my childhood here; memories of a place full of love, and endless sunny days when I learnt to always look into the light and engage with the world as it is.

Goggles and fins on; I delve into the sea, a group of women animated in conversation around me. Although I can’t hear what they are saying, I am mesmerized by them. Wow an abalone Shell! So many wonders around me. I jump off the rocks again, into the fresh welcoming water, I chase after a little flat fish… I am free, floating and gently playing with the waves. I am at one with the sea, I am in love again, this is me, the sun, the sea, this place – this is part of who I am and I am truly in love again.
Calonge, Costa Brava, July 2021.

Estos días azules y este sol de infancia” were the words written on a paper found on the jacket of the Spanish poet, Antonio Machado, on the day of his death in Collioure (France), February 22, 1939.

Gloria Salgado Gispert

Gloria is a Catalan / Australian artist mostly committed to long personal photography projects both at home or wondering the streets wherever she is. She has her family, her job and her photography falls somewhere in between. She doesn’t normally plan her photography ahead of time, it comes with the flow. Originally from Barcelona, she has spent the last 7 years living and photographing in Perth and recently moved with her family to Nice, France.

With a background in Marine Sciences and Geology, Gloria loves to go out and take pictures in this world. Life is too short; this is something she learned at an early age when she lost her father after a long illness. This has influenced her way of seeing life. “In photography, you materialize who you are. I just try to enjoy every minute”.

An observer ever since she can remember, Gloria’s childhood memories are always present in her work. At the age of seventeen she was given her first camera, the same camera her mother had used to document her childhood and create family albums. “My childhood memories are like photographic frames, everything that I am able to remember starts in a tiny photo”.

Gloria was one of the recipients of the Lensculture Critics’s choice in 2020 and of Stories in 2021. She has also had work selected for the International Documentary Family awards.

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