Fragments of Consciousness

Words and images by Deb Bonney

By March 16, 2022May 2nd, 2022The Collective

These images form part of my overall ongoing series Fragments of Consciousness. Exploring the relationships between our dreams and everyday reality, the photographs aim to translate my emotional response to anxiety and uncertainty as I navigate this transitional period of life.

At times exhausted and unclear, silhouetted and soft, simultaneously isolated and intimate. Fragments of Consciousness is my visual thought process as I consider where we go from here.

Deb Bonney

Deb Bonney

Deb Bonney started shooting approximately twelve years ago after previously completing a short course in film photography. Since then her photography has evolved from film to colour street/documentary style photography and now her current practice of black and white photography, where her personal projects aim to capture what is relevant to her and what is happening in her life at the time of shooting.

Deb enjoys shooting with small point and shoot cameras whilst experimenting with light, flash, trying different effects on lens filters such as Vaseline and also shooting the occasional multiple exposures. Her practice also includes creating handmade zines and making small print runs of professionally printed zines and books, including her most recent publication of Ephemeral.

Deb is one of the founding members of the Aussie Street Collective which hosted the first Australian Street Photography festival in Sydney. She has been a part of several group exhibitions and has been a finalist in the HeadOn Photography Awards, Australian Life Photography award, Brussels Street Photography Festival Series category and recently achieved second place in the Australian Photography awards Landscape category.

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