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Into The Fire

Words and images by Cameron Neville

By May 24, 2021June 30th, 2021The Collective

Into The Fire is a homage to the men and women pushed to the limits and beyond during our summers protracted Wildfire seasons.

Year after year they get longer and hotter with volunteers being asked to put their lives on the line in the most perilous of situations and it’s getting more and more dangerous. What drives them is a sense of community and friendship. These are their stories.

Cameron Neville

Cameron Neville is a photographer based in Queensland, Australia. Born in the UK, Cameron received his Degree in Photography from Sussex College of Fine Art in 1995 and has since worked as a photojournalist in Australia and abroad.

Cameron’s work has been recognised internationally through organisations such as BBC UK, ABC Australia, The Moran Arts Foundation and Australian Photography Awards alongside many newspapers and publications.

Cameron is represented internationally by Cavan Images.

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