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Shannon Cavarocchi – Horse Girl

Stories 2022 Shortlist

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Horse Girl explores the connection between humans and horses. During the creation process of this project I found a way to bring life to the unspoken bond between two strikingly different creatures. Throughout my life I have surrounded myself with animals of all kinds. Many can attest to the purity of these bonds through their own interactions with animals whether it be love or necessity. Separate from this bond, horses have an intense and sensitive aurora surrounding them that can most dramatically be felt in person. I began this project in hopes of bringing this connection to the printed page.

The subject of this project is Mariah and her five horses. What drew me to explore this narrative through Mariah and her horses was the overwhelming comfort, understanding, and freedom I personally felt when around them. In turn, I learned of her passion for horses she has raised, which resonated as both visceral and innate to her being almost as if she was born to do this. Mariah has built a silent language of her own to connect and communicate with her horses. The harmony of life, which boils down to the breath between them, flows into a silent symphony of inhales and exhales. It is all so much more than riding, training, and owning a horse. It’s that connection to nature and ourselves; them and us.

The barn.

Mariah and Waru.

Shadow Fax the cat in Mariahs home.

Trail ride.

Mariah, Waru, and Tolkien.


Liberty practice.

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