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Phoenix – Exhibition

9 – 15 May, 2022

May 12, 2022Events

Closing on
May 21, 2022

Glimmer Gallery
241 Hawthorn Road, Caufield North

As the title suggests, Phoenix, an exhibition by emerging artists Anna Luscombe and Sloane Griffin, is a statement about resurrection and renewal. Both artists have paid homage in their work to specific trees which have personal significance, highlighting the idea that all which appears dead may still hold life.


Anna is a Melbourne based artist who uses photography and installation as her main medium. Anna’s subject matter varies depending upon the project yet her work is always underpinned by a concern and respect for the environment, the  passage of time, the human experience and how they relate. Anna’s practice is  primarily photographic stills, encompassing elements of abstract and reality  together through multiple exposures in camera. Often focusing on the trappings  of time, it’s effects or experiences, Anna tries to give voice to our journey through  it. The work she creates takes on various forms intended to draw in the viewer  and create new and unpredictable thoughts and associations, providing the chance  to challenge one’s perceptions, perspectives and assumptions.  

Anna’s work for the past 12 months, which is now being exhibited at Glimmer  Gallery in Caufield North, focuses on the fragility and resilience of the Australian  Eucalyptus Pauciflora and it’s incredible ability to rise like a phoenix after being  buried by snow during winter, and being burnt to a pile of ashes in summer. These  images were captured in-camera using multiple exposures.

Anna Luscombe

Sloane is a photographic artist based in the Macedon Ranges. Sloane grew up in outback Australia and has subsequently travelled extensively, living throughout Australia, in Paris, and in Hong Kong- all places which inspire her work. She has a broad-ranging interest in photography- from Fashion, Interiors, Nature,  Science, Architecture, and Landscapes to Animal photography. She is passionate about conservation and environmental issues, and this is reflected in her work.  

Sloane resurrects two dead Radiata Pines, which have stood sentinel for decades  over an abandoned church by immortalising them through photography.  Sloane’s work includes using ash from the depicted trees to create screen prints  and the traditional dark room technique of printing carbon on metal- a methodology utilised in the era in which the church was built and the trees were  planted.

Sloane Griffin
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