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A Particular Being – Lumina Collective Exhibition

Open 20 February to 3 April 2021

March 21, 2021June 30th, 2021Events
© Aletheia Casey

The Perth Centre for Photography is pleased to present A Particular Being, by the Lumina Collective.

Donna Bailey
Chloe Bartram
Jessie Boylan
Aletheia Casey
Anna Maria Antoinette D’Addario
Lyndal Irons
Morganna Magee
Sarah Rhodes

In Frames of War, Judith Butler discusses how some lives are regarded as grievable and others are not and how, through acts of unreadability, specific lives are removed from the norms of what constitutes a valuable life, or seen to be a life at all.

A Particular Being is Lumina Collective’s major exhibition showcasing new work exploring notions of grievability, memory and recognition in an unstable world. Through their eight distinct lenses, Lumina reimagines diverse and discrete lives poised at times of personal or global unease- with each response a reckoning and an intervention into acts of forgetting. Each response is a reckoning, creating a pluralism of voices* which both question and acknowledge what it means to simply live and be in the world.

*Amos Gebhardt discusses the pluralism of voices, lives and bodies in their work, we acknowledge hearing this term from them.

Find out more about the collective by visiting their website and Instagram.

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