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Doug Spowart

Dr Doug Spowart has for over 50 years collected photographically illustrated books and in 2012 completed a PhD on the topic of self-publishing in the digital age. He has extensively researched, judged and commentated on the photobook in Australia and New Zealand for the Antipodean Photobook Blog where he promotes internationally activities, events and publications emerging from our local region. In 2019 with partner Victoria Cooper he coordinated World Photobook Day events at the Ballarat International Foto Biennale.

The Antipodean Photobook is curated by Dr Doug Spowart supported by partner Dr Victoria Cooper and provides information about the art and practice of the photobook in the Antipodes – Australia and New Zealand. This information presented in the blog is particularly associated with books where the photograph acts as the principal narrative agent, the haptic experience and design of the book as well as how it operates as a vehicle for presenting ideas and telling stories.

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