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Chris Le Messurier

Chris Le Messurier (b 1985) is a photographer raised in Australia and based in London. His work is derived from experiencing life in the everyday: not as snapshot but as a representation of the vagaries of the human experience. As such, there are clear references to iconic signs and themes that have occupied humankind through the ages, and which we are experiencing as urgent today: our relationship with nature, of human movement around the globe, of internal and interpersonal struggles within our urban contexts. Rather than illustrating these matters in documentary terms, he instead prefers to allude to these ideas through personal stories and by building worlds that are less explicit in their communication and full of subjectivity, something he believes to be important in a polarised and increasingly fragmented global society.

Chris is also a teacher, working with a variety of age groups in economically-deprived areas of London. He is currently studying an MA in Photography Arts at Westminster University and working on a long term project with the intention of producing a book.

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