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Teva Cosic – Glänta (to open slightly)

Stories 2022 Shortlist

By July 7, 2022July 13th, 2022Stories 2022

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This selection of images forms an extension of my ongoing series The Birdsong is Deafening and explores ideas around memory, loss and place. It takes as its title the Swedish word glänta which refers to a small opening in the forest where a beam of light might find its way through and is as much an experience as it is a word. To me, glänta is a threshold moment, a fleeting intensity that sits on the precipice between reality and imagination, between my childhood in Australia and my childhood in Sweden. These images hover in this in-between space where the camera offers but a glimpse into something that is ultimately ungraspable. Memory is tied together by a feeling, knotted and unreliable but always palpable.

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