Photo Collective Magazine Submission


Submissions to Photo Collective Magazine are open now


We are seeking visual and written essays for inclusion in Photo Collective Magazine. Submissions are open themed and are open year round, so if you miss the cutoff date for one issue you will be automatically considered for the next.

Visual essays should be between 10 and 20 images in length, accompanied by a concise rationale and an artist biography.

Written essays should be between 500 and 1000 words in length, accompanied by no less than 5 supporting images and an author biography.

We are especially interested in collaborations between writers and artists, photographs and words. Singular pieces which form conversations that intertwine visual and language based expression will be highly regarded. In some cases we may facilitate this collaboration, although if you are an artist already working with a writer (or vice versa) we want to hear from you.

Upon payment completion you will be emailed a link to upload your submission as a .zip file of no more than 10mb.

Initial submissions should be low resolution and in .jpg and .pdf format. We will reach out to successful applicants for higher resolution imagery as required.

Please note: not all submissions are automatically included. Our curatorial team selects projects for each issue.